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The supply chain is the hub of all activity. Nothing happens in a strong manufacturing or distribution company without supply chain involvement. A supply chain consultant should always provide at least a 2X return on any business. Inventory is critical, however too much or too little can create tremendous damage for a company.

S&OP (SIOP) design, change management, training and implementation. This includes sourcing or building the proper tools.

Inventory optimization - everything in a supply chain is connected, when inventory gets off in one area, it throws the rest off. STA will determine the proper inventory at each stage and location, so the supply chain can run naturally without adjustments.

Do you have too many changeovers, are your OT costs too high or do you have more employees than you think you need? STA can evaluate and design processes to maximize flow through a factory, distribution center or both.

Are you sourcing in Asia and have skyrocketing costs and instability in the supply chain? Do you have to fly freight from overseas? STA can help you find nearshoring options that cut costs, decrease risk and increase flexibility. We can help source anywhere in the world.

Is your inventory accuracy below 90%? Are you doing physical inventories more often than once per year? STA will help you identify the causes and find corrective action to eliminate it. STA will help you reach 99% inventory accuracy consistently throughout the year.

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