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Most software companies will work with you to get a system live but then disappear within days after going live. How can someone expect world-class performance a week or month after go-live?

Every system needs to be evaluated and processes analyzed to ensure it's performing as expected and then make the necessary adjustments. STA can not only help optimize your software, STA can help you automate the rest of the business also.

  • Process Improvements - STA will help you map your current processes and develop your future ones so that any automation results in maximized performance and not just adding automation for automation's sake.
  • Manufacturing / Warehouse / Distribution - conveyors, SRT, Robots, AGV, picking systems, automated storage, barcoding, WMS and TMS.
  • Overall - ERP and S&OP systems, network optimization.
  • Planning - APS, forecasting software, scheduling software, MRP, supplier management programs, and capacity planning.
  • Operations - QMS, MES, certification software, traceability, and barcoding.
  • Business Intelligence - Create KPI's that help drive the business and uncover in-efficiencies. A business needs to make decisions based on the correct and appropriate data. We can help in the development of the metrics, benchmarking them and implementing software for BI.

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